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London based clients

JUXT has a strong presence in London with high profile clients including Condé Nast, OnTheMarket.com and the MailOnline. We work with several SMEs throughout the London area and maintain development teams inside two top-tier investment banks in Canary Wharf.


Our history of working on high profile projects in London means that we have acquired an expansive network of the best Clojure developers. If you need developers on-site who have been proven to deliver then our experienced crew will be invaluable for your project.

Dev and Ops

Over the years we have been immersed in Cloud technologies and have practical experience on many London-based projects. So if you’re planning on deploying to the Cloud we can guide you through the myriad of options available for your project to succeed.


JUXT regularly speaks at and helps organise London community events such as the Clojure Exchange and the London Clojurian evenings.


JUXT leads Clojure training in and around London, providing public training courses directly public training.

To enquire about how we could help,
please call 0333 9398 309 or contact us via our contact form.

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